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    388棋牌官网‘Well,’ he said, ‘that’s all we can do in the meantime. A description of the men and cart will be wired round to all the stations immediately, and every constable in London will be on the look-out for them before very much longer.’


    ‘I should imagine so, but just how do you know?’
    ‘I’ve been into this case as far as is possible this side of the Channel, Mr. Clifford,’ he announced. ‘I was thinking of crossing to Paris to-night.’
    THIS book introduced to the public a new Master of Detective Fiction, and Mr. Crofts is now a very famous name indeed to the many enthusiastic students of detective novels. It has all the great virtues; a mysterious murder cunningly conceived and carried out; the strongest suspicion ingeniously thrown on an innocent man; a subtle alibi brilliantly shattered by an unfaltering process of analysis. The book is flawless in design and presents an intellectual problem of supreme interest. The lover of detective stories can want nothing better. As the Outlook said, “In construction and invention Mr. Crofts has no living equal.”


    1.‘For the I. and C. S. N. Co., Ltd.,
    2.‘I believe I can get you her address, monsieur, from one of the parlourmaids with whom she was friends.’
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